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The POMEAS fully automatic image measuring instrument (flash measuring instrument) IMAGE3 series uses dual telecentric lenses for overall imaging, combined with a high-resolution industrial camera and high-precision image analysis and processing algorithms, and software calculations to achieve measurement. It is a high-precision dimensional measurement system that enables quick one-button measurement.



Fully automatic image measuring instrument (flash measuring instrument) with automatic detection, efficient measurement, automatic focus, data clear and intuitive advantages, and a variety of models to meet the needs of different customer testing.




The POMEAS Automatic Image Measuring Instruments (Flash Measuring Instruments) are available in the following models:




1. IMAGE3: Measuring range φ100, measuring accuracy ±2μm, suitable for small precision parts size inspection. Suitable for small precision parts, such as watch covers, screws, etc.



2. IMAGE3 plus and IMAGE3 pro: with a moving platform, measuring range is larger, measuring accuracy ±2+L/150μm and ±3+L/150μm, can be used for larger workpiece size inspection and simultaneous measurement of multiple products. For example: PCB board, motor parts, mobile phone glass, etc.



3. IMAGE3 MAX: not only with a mobile platform, but also equipped with self-developed spectral sensors, in addition to measuring the angle, length and width, distance, diameter and other flat dimensions, but also to complete the height, flatness, thickness and other 3D dimensional inspection. Suitable for customers with a variety of inspection needs, such as: mobile phone frame inspection, automotive parts inspection.




The wide range of POMEAS Automatic Image Measuring Instruments (Flash Measuring Instruments) offers different measurement advantages, allowing you to choose the right measuring instrument model for your specific measurement needs and product characteristics.

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