Parameters of Line Scan Industrial Lens in detail




Line scan lenses are a category of industrial lenses that can provide high-resolution, high-speed, high-definition images and are widely used in machine vision systems. This article focuses on the parameters of line-scan industrial lenses to help better understand the characteristics of line-scan lenses.



Parameters of the Line Scan Industrial Lens in detail:



1. Maximum image plane

The maximum image plane is the maximum sensor size or image plane dimension that can be covered by the lens. When using a line scan lens, it is necessary to select a lens that matches the size of the camera's sensor in order to maximise the use of the sensor's effective pixels and to obtain high-quality images.



2. Resolution

The resolution of a line scan industrial lens is the smallest object size it can resolve. Typically, the higher the resolution, the smaller the size of the object that can be resolved, resulting in a clearer image. The unit of resolution is usually lp/mm or lp/inch.



3. Conjugate distance

The conjugate distance is the sum of the distance from the lens to the object and the distance from the object to the image sensor. The smaller the conjugate distance, the smaller the imaging range that can be obtained. Typically, the conjugate distance is related to the focal length, which has a significant impact on the image quality and usable range of the lens.



4. Working distance

Refers to the distance from the front of the lens to the surface of the object being imaged, also known as the imaging distance. This parameter is critical in determining whether the lens is suitable for a particular application.



5. Relative illuminance

Refers to the ratio of the optical transmittance of different parts of the lens. It has an important effect on determining the brightness uniformity and optical aberration of imaging. In general, the higher the relative illuminance, the better the brightness uniformity of the image, the smaller the optical aberration.



Line scan industrial lens is a kind of optical lens used for linear image acquisition, which has a wide range of applications in the fields of industry, medical care, automotive manufacturing, visual positioning, scientific research, etc., and brings convenience to the applications in various industries.

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