Measurement System|3D Contour Measuring Instrument detects the dimensions of laptop keyboard case




Laptop computers have now become an indispensable part of people's daily life. As one of the core components of notebook computers, the dimensional inspection of the keyboard casing is crucial to ensure the quality and reliability of the product. As an advanced non-contact measurement technology, POMEAS 3D Profile Measuring Instrument provides a more accurate and efficient way to inspect the dimensions of notebook keyboard cases.


Testing Requirements:


Measures dimensions such as the curvature of laptop keyboard case holes, line spacing, and keyboard flatness.






Detection programme:


Use the POMEAS 3D Profile Gauge to quickly and efficiently inspect the 2D & 3D dimensions of laptop keyboard enclosures.




Advantages of the POMEAS 3D Profile Gauge:



1. High-speed mobile measurement platform: gantry architecture motion body, with high-speed linear motor drive multi-axis motion platform, to ensure the efficiency and stability of product measurement, a variety of travel options, the maximum 3.6 m measurement stroke, high speed and high precision.



2. Compatible with multiple types of sensors, to provide rapid and strong technical support for customer needs: multi-sensor composite application, compatible with vision, point spectrum, line spectrum, line laser, surface structured light, surface interference and other measurements of a variety of sensors, measurement more comprehensive.



3. lOS platform/application APP architecture, ecologically rich and flexible: well-designed mainstream machine vision APP, which can be used for pattern recognition, positioning alignment, precision measurement and inspection of products. Adopting powerful OS/APP system architecture, covering machine vision applications, without the need to use a number of different software, it is convenient for customers to quickly generate applications to meet the user's own needs.



4. Fast, stable and simple vision system: powerful data processing capabilities and patented algorithms, after many years of customer field applications, can be 7X20H stable operation, APP application is simple to operate, no need for professional engineers, and no need to write code programs.



POMEAS 3D Profile Measuring Instrument has significant advantages and practical application value in detecting the size of notebook keyboard case. By using this kind of measurement system, enterprises can better guarantee product quality, improve production efficiency and reduce costs, thus gaining a greater competitive advantage in the fierce market competition.

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