Four advantages of industrial 360 lenses in vision inspection




Industrial 360 lens is a high-performance visual inspection optics, which has a very wide range of applications in the industrial field. Compared with traditional optical lenses, the Industrial 360 lens has four major advantages in visual inspection.

1. Wide field of view: in the detection of cylinders, deep holes and other objects, the traditional optical lens in the field of view is greatly restricted, can not cover a wide range of detection area, the need for more than one camera lens for detection. The industrial 360 lens has a wide field of view, a single lens camera can complete a full range of product detection, greatly improving the detection efficiency.




2. High resolution: in the modern manufacturing industry, the product precision requirements are increasing, the requirements of the inspection equipment should also have a high resolution characteristics. Industrial 360 lens with high resolution characteristics, can accurately detect the product in the subtle defects, to ensure product quality.




3. A high degree of automation: no human intervention is required in the process of industrial 360 lens inspection. This not only reduces the labour intensity of the inspectors, but also greatly reduces the possibility of human error and improves the stability and reliability of the system.




4. Simplified wiring and installation: Because the industrial 360-degree lens is able to cover a wider range, it simplifies wiring and installation complexity by reducing the number of camera lenses and mounting points as opposed to inspection scenarios with multiple camera lenses. This saves time and cost for installation and maintenance in industrial environments.




In short, industrial 360 lenses have the advantages of wide field of view and high resolution in visual inspection, which make industrial 360-degree lenses an important tool for improving work efficiency, enhancing safety and convenience.

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