Features and uses of 360° industrial inspection lenses




360° industrial inspection lens is a kind of optical accessory that does not require multiple lens cameras to stitch together the image, and a single lens camera can obtain a complete image of the surface and inner wall of the product such as cylinders, cubes, cavity objects, and so on. It can effectively improve the recognition efficiency of the machine vision inspection system and bring great convenience to industrial manufacturing.



Features of the 360° industrial lens:



1. Wide-viewing angle imaging: a single camera lens can present a full range of product images, greatly improving the detection efficiency.



2. high image clarity, low distortion rate, true reproduction of product images, rapid identification of minor defects.



3. strong system stability, suitable for multi-face imaging object detection.




Uses of industrial 360 lenses:



1. Battery Surface Character Detection: Using the Bumis 360° external wall imaging industrial lens, identifying battery surface characters, obtaining the image of the outer wall of the battery at a time, accurately and quickly identifying the character printing defects.



2. Metal workpiece inner wall inspection: Detect and identify defects on the inner wall of workpiece holes, using Bumiputra's 360° inner wall inspection lens, no need to be placed into the inner hole of the workpiece, the outer part can be completed with a circular view of the inside of the hole, clearly obtaining the internal characteristics, fast and efficient identification of defects.



3. Nut internal thread inspection: To detect the number of internal threads in a nut and to identify whether there are defects such as missing or broken internal walls, use the Bumis 360° internal inspection lens to simultaneously capture images of the bottom and side of the nut's internal hole, and to quickly complete the inspection and identification.



360° industrial inspection lenses are widely used in machine vision inspection systems to help improve the efficiency of special application scenarios.

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