What are the parameters of a 360° industrial inspection lens?




360 ° industrial inspection lens is a can be completed at the same time more than one surface imaging of industrial lenses, for cylinders, cubes and other special application scenarios.360 ° industrial lens has a variety of types, selection needs to be judged by the parameters, this article introduces the parameters of the 360 ° industrial lens, to help a better understanding of the reference and selection.



The parameters of the 360° industrial lens are explained in detail:



1. Chip target surface


Lens chip target surface is the size of the lens imaging chip, usually described in inches. In the camera chip, 1 inch is 16mm, usually said 2/3 inch target surface of the camera means, the camera chip diagonal size of 2/3 inch, that is, 16mm * (2/3) is about 10.67mm.




2. Spectral range


Refers to the range of visible wavelengths covered by the lens when shooting, which can affect the image quality and application areas of the lens.




3. Measuring diameter and measuring height


Measured diameter refers to the diameter of the internal optics of the lens, while measured height refers to the distance from the internal optics of the lens to the surface of the lens, usually measured in millimetres. These measurements can be used to calculate the focal length, angle of view, image field size and other optical parameters of the lens to assess the internal structure and optical performance of the lens.




4. Field of view


Field of view is the angular range of space that a lens can cover when shooting, usually measured in degrees. The larger the field of view, the wider the range of images that can be captured by the lens. Typically, the range of a lens' field of view increases gradually, from horizontal to diagonal. The field of view range may vary for different types of lenses.




360° industrial inspection lenses are widely used in various industrial fields, such as electronics manufacturing, hardware workpieces, automotive manufacturing, etc., for detecting various shapes of holes, threads, defects, dimensions and other parameters.

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