IC Leadframe Dimension Measurement with Image Measuring Instruments




Leadframe is an important basic material for electronic information industry, which realises electrical connection with the help of gold wire, aluminium wire, copper wire and other materials, and is the chip carrier of integrated circuits. Due to the continuous development of processing technology, leadframes are developing towards high precision, and their dimensional quality control requirements are getting higher and higher.



Lead frame has many sizes, high precision, small products and other characteristics, need efficient and high precision inspection equipment to meet the inspection needs. IMAGE3 MAX image measuring instrument is based on many years of optical inspection and image processing technology precipitation, the launch of the plane size and part of the 3D dimensions can be measured at the same time of the high-precision dimensional measurement equipment. Equipped with a point spectrum lens and self-developed measurement software, it can achieve automatic measurement and automatic judgement of data anomalies, which effectively improves the efficiency of leadframe size measurement, and is the choice of many customers in the industry.


What are the advantages of the IMAGE3 MAX image measuring instrument?



1. Multiple Measurement Parameters


IMAGE3 MAX image size measuring instrument equipped with self-developed 8055-point spectral sensor, in addition to measuring length, width, distance, diameter, radian and other flat dimensions, but also can complete the segment difference, thickness, height, flatness and other 3D dimensional inspection.




2. Fast measuring speed


IMAGE3 MAX image size measuring instrument measuring range of 300x200, can complete one or more products at the same time inspection, 1 second can be completed in more than 50 size measurement, saving measurement time, improve inspection efficiency.




3. High measurement accuracy


Measurement accuracy of ±2μm, effectively meet the needs of high-precision measurement of leadframes. And can effectively eliminate human error, anyone can get accurate and consistent measurement results.




POMEAS image size measuring instrument can complete the size measurement with high accuracy and efficiency, which can guarantee the quality of the products, reduce the labour cost and increase the competitiveness of the industry, welcome to consult with the customers who have the need of size measurement to understand!

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