What are the classifications of industrial inspection microscopes?




Industrial inspection microscope is a widely used inspection equipment in the field of modern industrial inspection, which is mainly used for observing the microstructure of tiny objects, quality assessment and defect detection and other work. According to different application scenarios and specific needs, industrial inspection microscope can be divided into a variety of different types of equipment. This article will introduce to several common industrial inspection microscope.



Firstly, the video microscope, without eyepiece, can be observed directly through the monitor, observation is not easy to produce fatigue, and the video microscope adopts an integrated body, has the advantages of easy to move, easy to operate, wide range of field of view, etc., and is widely used in the field of electronic devices, plastic parts, integrated circuits, chemical materials, glass ceramics and so on.



Next is the tool microscope, which can be used to measure dimensions, angles and other parameters of workpieces within the range. It is a versatile device widely used in applications such as circuit board inspection, hardware inspection, and metrology testing.




In addition, there are differential interference DIC microscopes with professional flat-field achromatic long working distance objective lenses, using DIC technology, with targeted design of the coaxial light source, the entire field of view interference colour uniformity, image clarity and high contrast. The tiny height difference on the surface of the object to be measured produces an obvious relief effect, which allows for the obvious identification of cracks, bumps, particles, and holes.




As one of the important equipments in the field of modern industrial inspection, industrial inspection microscope has a rich variety of types and application scenarios. In the actual purchase and use of the process, according to the specific needs and characteristics of the sample, need to select the appropriate type of equipment and magnification, in order to achieve a high level of detection and observation effect.

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