Difference between Image Measuring Instrument and Imaging Instrument in Application




Measurement is now an important part of operations in a wide range of industries, whether in medicine, machinery, industrial manufacturing or chemical production, accurate measurement is a key task. As technology continues to evolve, new technological devices continue to emerge in the field of measurement. Among them, both image measuring instruments and imaging instruments have been widely used in industrial visual inspection. However, in the actual use of the process, there are many differences between them. In this paper, we will introduce the image measuring instrument and imaging instrument respectively, and analyse the difference between them in the application.




The principle of the imaging instrument is to use the grating displacement sensor as an accuracy standard and to enlarge the image of the product through a large focal length lens to ensure measurement accuracy.




The working principle of the image measuring instrument is a perfect combination of telecentric lens imaging and intelligent image processing software, using a large field of view image automatic measurement, high-precision one-key flash measurement. Automatic generation of parameter evaluation data, instead of the traditional calipers, projectors and other tools, to avoid the human error of traditional testing, greatly improving the efficiency of tolerance testing.



Image measuring instrument can be said to be the upgraded version of the image instrument, image measuring instrument can be more quickly and accurately complete the task of measuring high-precision parts and components, and less demanding on the operator, the use of the software is more simple and convenient, suitable for precision workpiece batch testing and quality sampling. The range of the image measuring instrument is larger and the measurement accuracy is higher, which is more suitable for the measurement task of large parts.




Although image measuring instruments and imaging instruments are both applicable to the field of measurement, they have different working principles, application scope and use scenarios. It is necessary to choose the most suitable measuring tool according to the specific application environment and needs, and do a good job in the daily use of instrument maintenance.

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