What are the applications of the double-magnification double telecentric lens?




With the development of science and technology, imaging technology continues to progress, and the types of industrial lenses are becoming more and more diverse. Among them, double-magnification double telecentric lens is a relatively high-end type, which has a wide range of applications in many fields.



The double magnification double telecentric lens is a special optically designed industrial lens. It adopts advanced optical principle and manufacturing technology, which can achieve large depth of field and low distortion at the same time while ensuring high clarity. This kind of lens is usually used in the field of machine vision precision inspection, such as high-precision measurement, defect detection, identification, etc. It can improve the accuracy and reliability of the inspection without compromising the clarity of the image.



With high magnification stability and illumination uniformity, POMEAS dual-magnification double telecentric lenses are suitable for high-precision measurements and inspections, such as the following application scenarios:



1. Dimensional measurement in automobile manufacturing: Double-magnification double telecentric lenses can be applied to high-precision dimensional measurement of automobile engines and other components to meet the high requirements of automobile manufacturing and improve production efficiency and product quality.



2. Defect detection in LCD panel manufacturing: double-magnification double telecentric lens has a wide range of applications in defect detection in LCD panel manufacturing. It can achieve a comprehensive detection of LCD panels, including pixel defects, cracks, foreign objects, etc., and at the same time, it has the characteristics of high resolution and large depth of field, so as to improve the detection efficiency and accuracy.



3. Semiconductor appearance defects detection: double magnification double telecentric lens can be applied to the appearance of the wafer inspection. High-resolution imaging can avoid errors caused by the small depth of field, improve production efficiency and product quality.



4. Solar panel defect detection: Double-magnification double telecentric lens can achieve comprehensive detection of solar panels, including impurities, black spots, cracks and other efficient identification to ensure product quality and performance.



Double-magnification double telecentric lenses have a wide range of applications in the field of dimensional measurement and defect detection, which can meet the needs of various industries and scenarios and improve the accuracy and reliability of inspection.

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