Composition of the vision measurement system and the function of each part introduced




Vision measurement system is a high-precision measurement system that uses optical components and image processing technology to achieve measurement and analysis. Its main components include: vision light source, industrial lens, industrial camera, image processing software, etc. Each part has different functions.



1. Visual light source: The role of the light source is to provide enough light to make the object to be measured present a clear image on the industrial camera. The type of light source and the way of irradiation can be selected according to the need.




2. Industrial Lens: The role of the industrial lens is to form a clear image of the object to be measured on the industrial camera, according to different measurement needs, you need to choose different types and parameters of the lens, such as zoom lens, FA lens, telecentric lens and so on.




3. Industrial Camera: The role of the industrial camera is to convert the image of the object to be measured into a digital signal and transmit it to the computer for processing. According to different measurement requirements, industrial cameras with different resolutions and frame rates need to be selected.




4. Image processing software: Image processing software is the core part of the vision measurement system, which includes various image processing algorithms and software tools for processing and analysing the acquired images to extract the required information. For example, algorithms such as image filtering, edge detection, sub-pixel edge localisation, feature extraction, and so on.




Each part of the vision measurement system has different functions, which together complete the tasks of image acquisition, processing and measurement and analysis of the object. The system is characterised by high precision and high reliability, which can realise high-precision non-contact measurement with the advantages of fast, accurate and non-destructive, etc. It has been widely used in the field of modern industrial inspection.

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