What are the characteristics that an industrial measurement system should have?




Industrial measurement system is a necessary test in modern industrial manufacturing, including the appearance of parts and components quality inspection, dimensional data measurement and assembly positioning guidance, etc. It is mainly used to check and guide whether the indicators of industrial products are in line with the preset requirements. It can be used in product development, manufacturing, inspection, maintenance and quality control.



An industrial measurement system should have the following characteristics:



1. High accuracy: refers to the degree of proximity between the measurement results of the measurement system and the actual value. The higher the accuracy, the closer the measurement result is to the actual value.



2. High precision: refers to the degree of proximity between the measurement results obtained by the measurement system in multiple measurements under the same conditions. The higher the precision, the closer the results of multiple measurements, the better the repeatability of the instrument.



3. Strong stability: refers to whether the readings of the measuring instrument have a stable trend over a long period of time, a stable measuring system can improve the reliability of the measurement results.



4. Good sensitivity: refers to the ratio of the change in the output of the measuring instrument to the change in the input signal, the higher the sensitivity, the smaller the potential error.



5. High resolution: refers to the smallest amount of input signal change that the measuring instrument can distinguish, the higher the resolution, the more accurate the measurement results can be.



6. High measurement accuracy: It means that the measurement system should have high precision measurement results, which can accurately reflect the size and shape of the workpiece.



7. High degree of automation: refers to the measurement system should have a high degree of automation, automatic calculation and output of the measurement results, reducing the impact of manual operation and subjective factors.



POMEAS IMAGE3 series fully automatic image measuring instrument (flash measuring instrument) is a high-precision industrial dimensional measurement system, suitable for watches, mobile phones, motors, PCB boards, hardware processing parts, injection moulding parts and other products appearance dimensional inspection.

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