What are the respective advantages of fa industrial lens and telecentric industrial lens?




In industrial vision inspection, FA industrial lenses and telecentric industrial lenses are both very important optics. They each have different advantages, which we will explain in detail below.



FA industrial lenses offer the following advantages in industrial vision inspection:



1. High resolution and clarity: FA industrial lens adopts advanced optical technology, which can accurately capture the fine details and defects of the inspected objects.



2. Longer working distance: FA industrial lens can be observed without touching the inspected object, which ensures the accuracy and safety of inspection.



3. Wider field of view: FA industrial lens can observe objects in a larger area at the same time, which improves work efficiency.



4. Wide adaptability: the field of view range and magnification of FA industrial lens can be selected and adjusted according to actual needs. This makes it suitable for a variety of different types and sizes of industrial inspection tasks, including surface defect detection, dimensional measurement and so on.



5. Easy to integrate: FA industrial lenses usually have standard interfaces and dimensions, making them easy to integrate with industrial cameras and image processing systems. This helps to shorten development cycles and reduce costs.



Telecentric industrial lenses offer the following advantages in industrial vision inspection:



1. High-precision Measurement: Telecentric industrial lenses can provide high-precision measurement results. Due to its special lens design and optical imaging principle, it can effectively avoid the problems of parallax and unstable magnification of traditional industrial lenses.



2. High resolution: telecentric industrial lenses also feature high resolution, which can provide high definition images and help detect and analyse minute details.



3. Large depth of field: telecentric industrial lenses can obtain clear imaging at different focus positions, which helps to observe all details of the inspected object.



4. Low distortion: telecentric industrial lenses also have low distortion and chromatic aberration, ensuring the accuracy and realism of the observed image.



Both FA industrial lens and telecentric industrial lens have their own advantages in industrial vision inspection. In practical application, we can choose suitable industrial lenses according to different inspection needs and scenes to achieve the best inspection effect.

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