Battery Pack Cavity Top Cover Surface Contour Inspection Solution




The top cover of the battery Pack chamber lies in ensuring the sealing and safety of the battery. If the contour of the cover surface does not meet the requirements, it may lead to the leakage of electrolyte inside the battery after installation, affecting the performance and life of the battery, and may even lead to safety accidents. Therefore, strict inspection and control of the contour of the top cover of the battery pack chamber is one of the key steps to ensure the quality and safety of the battery.



Detection needs:


Detecting the surface contour of the top cover of the battery Pack cavity, the upper camera is fixedly installed, the product on the machine station reaches the scanning position, the upper camera dynamically scans, and the camera scans the top cover of the Pack cavity to detect the surface contour.





The contour of the upper cover of the battery Pack chamber is inspected quickly and efficiently using a POMEAS Line Laser Displacement Sensor.



△Design specifications


Sensor working distance: 545±275mm


Z-direction measuring range: ±275mm


Contour points: 1800


Laser line width: 145~425mm


X-direction resolution: 100~255um



△Configuration selection


Camera model: POMEAS line laser displacement sensor;


Suggested installation height of the camera from the product to be measured surface is: 545±100 adjustable;


Incoming deviation of the mechanism needs to be less than 0.5mm;


Because the product is long (1500mm), the scanning axis must ensure that the level, before and after the installation of the module must be hit the table test, to ensure that within 0.02mm.


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