What are the general characteristics of fixed focal length industrial lenses?




In the field of industrial vision inspection, fixed focal length industrial lenses play a vital role as an important optical component. Fixed focal length industrial lenses are lenses with a fixed and non-variable focal length, which are usually applied to visual inspection, measurement, identification and other tasks in industrial automated production lines.



Features of fixed focal length industrial lenses



1. High Resolution: Fixed focal length industrial lenses provide high definition images with high resolution. When shooting objects farther away, they can show the details more accurately.



2. high contrast: fixed focal length industrial lenses have high contrast, which can make the contrast in the image sharper, thus making the visual effect clearer.



3. Durability and reliability: fixed focal length industrial lenses are generally made of high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, with a long service life and reliability.



4. With low distortion error: Because the focal length of fixed focal length industrial lenses is fixed, the distortion error is relatively low when shooting objects of different sizes and shapes. This makes it suitable for high precision vision applications.



5. Low Commissioning Difficulty: Due to the fixed focal length of the fixed focal length industrial lens, commissioning is relatively simple. During installation and commissioning, there is no need to precisely adjust the focal length as in the case of zoom lenses, thus reducing commissioning difficulty and time costs.



Fixed focal length industrial lenses offer a variety of advantages and play an important role in machine vision systems by capturing high quality images, accurately measuring target object parameters, improving inspection efficiency, and imaging stability.

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