What is an autofocus system?




The autofocus system can determine the focus more quickly and accurately, improving the clarity and quality of your shots. The autofocus system can also constantly adjust the focus to maintain sharpness when shooting moving subjects.



Generally, there are two types of autofocus systems, passive focus and active focus.



Passive focusing, the most common is the image comparison method, by moving the lens continuously and analysing the images from various places to find the focusing surface. The advantage of this method is that it is low cost and does not require additional hardware, and is commonly used in digital cameras, mobile phone cameras, and so on. The disadvantage is that the focusing speed is slow and is not applicable in specific situations.




Active focusing, which requires the use of auxiliary components such as ultrasonic waves and lasers for out-of-focus measurement, is suitable for high-speed and high-precision applications.




POMEAS  APO laser autofocus module is the size and shape of the spot is related to the amount of out-of-focus, the position above and below the focusing plane. When the spot is a right semi-circle, the measured surface is above the focusing surface; when the spot is a small dot, the measured surface coincides with the focusing surface; when the spot is a left semi-circle, the measured surface is below the focusing surface. Using this correspondence, the out-of-focus amount can be calculated, thus achieving fast focusing.



With um-level focusing accuracy and 6.5khz focusing speed, POMEAS APO laser AF module has high focusing accuracy, fast focusing speed, stable and reliable product performance, and can be widely used in complex applications and environments.

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