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In industries such as optical lenses, eyeglasses, and vehicle lenses, curved lenses are a common component used in a wide variety of products and systems. Since the curvature and accuracy of its surface directly affects the optical performance, accurate measurement of the surface contour of curved lenses is particularly important.



Detection needs:


Detect the surface contour and curvature of curved lenses and other parameters to determine whether they meet the requirements.



Detection Program:


The POMEAS Image Measurement Vision Solution utilizes an optical system and image processing technology for non-contact measurement of curved lens surfaces, enabling fast and accurate acquisition of surface profile information.




Detection effect diagram:




Program Strengths:


1. Non-contact: The program measures by acquiring digital images of curved lenses without directly touching the surface, so it does not cause any damage to the sample, which is conducive to the protection of the fine structure of the sample.


2. Fast: It is capable of acquiring and processing a large amount of data quickly, thus improving measurement speed and efficiency.


3. High precision: It is capable of realizing high-precision measurement and detection with low error, which can meet the requirements of various high-precision applications.


4. Strong versatility: The lens, light source, spectral sensor, controller, software, etc. of this program are all independently developed by PrOMEAS, and different modules can be selected according to customer needs, which can be applied to different types and specifications of curved lens surface size measurement, and has a wide range of applications.

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