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The dial of a watch usually consists of printed or inlaid scales to indicate the time. If the positions and angles of these scales are inaccurate, which may lead to deviations in the timekeeping of the watch, then the quality and accuracy of the watch may be affected. Therefore, a good inspection is needed.




Detection needs:


Inspection of the relative position of the metal scales of the watch dial on the dial, and the angle before each scale, to determine whether the assembly requirements are met.




Detection Program:


With the POMEAS image measurement vision solution, the image is clear and the inspection speed is fast, and the dial inspection is completed efficiently.



Program Strengths:


1.POMEAS image measurement vision solution cantilever structure, cast aluminum body, with silent drive platform, can ensure the operation accuracy and stability of the equipment; 


2. The lens uses the VP-LZ-650105 zoom lens, which provides clearer imaging and sharper edges for fine products;


3. Equipped with homemade 8055 spectral sensor, it can measure the 3D size of products and realize continuous scanning and data collection without stopping, which is efficient and convenient;


4. Supporting 3DOS vision measurement software, to meet the GD&T shape and position tolerance and traditional 2D/3D size fast measurement;


5. Lens, light source, controller and software and other core components are designed and developed independently, and can be equipped with different modules to meet the inspection needs of different customers.



POMEAS image measurement vision solutions are very suitable for distance, radius, angle, radian and other dimensional inspection, applicable to electronics, machining, hardware, material processing, automotive and other industries. Such as stamping molding parts, injection molding parts, cell phone parts and other inspection.

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