Motor Encoder Code Channel Visual Inspection Solution




Motor encoder is a kind of component that feeds back the rotational speed and position information of the motor by detecting the number and frequency of pulses output from the motor, which is commonly used in the fields of robotics, industrial automation, medical equipment, and automotive industry. Its main function is to realize the control of motor rotation angle, angular speed, position and other data, and the code channel as an important part of the motor encoder, its accuracy directly affects the accuracy of the motor encoder. Therefore, the detection of motor encoder code channel is particularly important.



POMEAS Image Measurement Vision Solution is an inspection solution based on optical inspection and machine vision technology. It uses high precision zoom lenses, industrial cameras and image processing software to capture images of the motor encoder's code path, obtain clear and accurate image data, and complete high-precision measurement and identification of the code path.




For motor encoder code channel inspection, POMEAS image measurement vision solutions offer the following advantages:



1. Adopting zoom lens, high-precision industrial camera and image processing algorithm, it is able to realize high-precision measurement of motor encoder code channel, including the shape, size and relative position of the code channel and other information.



2. Non-contact detection method, no need to touch the surface of the motor encoder code channel, avoiding possible damage and error on the surface of the code channel.



3. Automated inspection, fast identification of the motor encoder code path, reducing the labor intensity of manual inspection and improving the accuracy and consistency of the inspection.



4. The core components of POMEAS image measurement vision solution are self-developed and can be equipped with different modules to meet the needs of motor encoder code channel inspection for different models and specifications.



POMEAS Image Measurement Vision Solution has the functions of visual inspection, dimensional measurement, contour scanning, etc. It is suitable for hardware, electronics, cell phone, injection molding and other fields.

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