Vision solution for bulk measurement of metal parts




Accurate measurement of the dimensions of metal parts is a crucial part of the modern manufacturing process. This not only affects the quality of the product, but also the efficiency of production. Therefore an efficient and precise solution is needed for the rigorous inspection of metal parts.



POMEAS Image Measurement Vision Solution is a dimensional measurement solution equipped with self-developed zoom measurement modules, industrial cameras, spectral sensors, light sources, and 3dos software. Based on the optical inspection and image processing system, it can inspect the dimensions of metal parts in a non-contact, accurate and efficient way.



Testing Program:



Detect the length, width, distance, curvature and other dimensions of metal parts, detect multiple products at a time, and automatically determine whether the product dimensions are qualified or not.



Program Strengths:



1. The program has an array detection function, which can measure multiple products at the same time through one program run, greatly improving the detection efficiency.



2. Using high-performance lenses, sensors and professional software, it is able to achieve high-precision measurement and analysis, with error control at the micron level.



3. Being able to automate large-volume measurement tasks, greatly improving production efficiency and quality, while avoiding human error.



4. It is easy to operate and simple, users only need to follow the guidelines of the software to complete the measurement task, no need for professional skills.



5. Equipped with a variety of functions, it can measure 2D & 3D dimensions such as length, distance, aperture, segment difference, flatness, etc., which can meet the needs of different users.



6. It can present the measurement results visually in the form of images or numerical values, which is convenient for users to analyze and compare.



POMEAS image measurement vision solutions are capable of measuring samples of different shapes and sizes and are applicable to a wide range of industries and fields, such as machinery, electronics, cutting tools and hardware.

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