What are the common measurement systems available today?




Measurement system is a technology and equipment used to measure and detect objects. It is widely used in industry, engineering, quality control and other fields. Currently, common measurement systems include fully automatic image measuring instruments (flash measuring instruments), 3D contour measuring instruments, 3DOS systems, and so on.



1.Flash Measuring Instrument


Fully automatic image measuring instrument (flash measuring instrument) is a use of optical principles, the object size inspection of high-precision measurement system. It is characterised by fast inspection speed, quick operation, high measurement accuracy and compact equipment, and is suitable for dimensional quality control in mass production processes. Fully automatic image measuring instrument is based on extremely high pixel industrial camera and large depth of field double telecentric lens, which can clearly obtain the image of the workpiece, and adopt intelligent software analysis to automatically identify and measure multiple positions of the workpiece, which greatly improves the measuring efficiency. It is suitable for high-precision dimensional measurement of precision parts, such as mobile phone parts, automotive parts, electronic components and so on.



2.3D Contour Measuring Instrument


3D Profile Measuring Instrument is a measurement system used to measure the surface shape or surface contour of an object, by obtaining the contour information of the object, and then calculating the size, shape, surface roughness and other parameters of the object.3D Profile Measuring Instrument is suitable for mobile phone centre frame inspection, board size inspection, remote control PCB inspection, automotive triangular window curved glass inspection and other applications.




3.3 DOS system


3DOS system is a measurement system based on computer technology. The POMEAS 3DOS vision system can realise the measurement needs of dimensions, and for the practical use of the user, it adds trial functions such as auto dimming/focusing, feature positioning, etc., so that it can be used quickly and improve the measurement efficiency.




Measurement systems have different application scenarios and characteristics, which can be selected and configured according to actual needs. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the measurement system will become more and more intelligent, high-precision and automated, providing more reliable technical support for the development of various industries.

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