How do I quality check the surface dimensions of automotive relay housings?




The inspection of automobile parts is an important part of the automobile manufacturing process, which plays a vital role in ensuring the performance and quality of automobiles. In the process of automobile manufacturing, the relay is an important control element, and the dimensional accuracy and quality of its shell surface directly affects the performance and service life of the relay. Therefore, it is crucial to carry out strict quality inspection on the surface dimensions of automotive relay housings.



Measuring the dimensions of automotive relay housings requires not only the measurement of conventional dimensions such as distance, length, width, and pinch angle, but also the measurement of surface contour. In response to these needs, POMEAS image measurement vision solution can realize high-speed, high-precision continuous sampling, and is capable of non-contact, high-efficiency inspection.



measurement process


1. Place the product on the load table, adjust the working distance of the vision module and the light source to ensure clear imaging.


2. Establish the coordinate system, complete the workpiece distance, length and width, angle and simple shape and position tolerance and other conventional size measurement can be carried out after the contour measurement.


3. Result analysis: According to the data obtained from automatic measurement and analysis report, determine whether it meets the quality requirements.



Advantages of Image Measurement Vision Solutions


The solution with 6.5X zoom measurement module can realize clear imaging, combined with self-developed 8055-point spectral sensor and 3DOS software, it can realize continuous scanning and acquisition without stopping, and can solve the needs of 2D & 3D dimension measurement of complex parts.



Dimensional measurement is the technical guarantee for quality control in the manufacturing process and an important basis for acceptance of finished products. As a machine vision sensor and solution provider, POMEAS is able to provide a complete set of vision solutions and core accessories for the dimensional measurement of precision shaft parts, automotive parts, cell phone parts and other dimensional measurement needs.

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