Spectral Focusing Thickness Measurement System for Copper Foil Thickness Inspection Solutions




In the field of electronic manufacturing, copper foil is widely used, such as circuit boards, electronic components and so on. Since the thickness of copper foil directly affects its electrical conductivity and mechanical strength, the inspection of copper foil thickness is particularly important.



However, it is difficult to detect the thickness of copper foils because the thickness values are usually at the micron level, and the surface of copper foils may have texture, oxidation, etc., all of which can have an impact on the results.



This problem can be effectively solved by the POMEAS Spectral Focusing Thickness Measurement System, which consists of high-resolution spectral sensors and adopts a dual spectral focusing measurement method. Two spectral sensors are placed on the top and bottom sides of the copper foil, and the thickness of the copper foil is calculated by measuring the reflection and transmission of light on the surface of the copper foil. This measurement method is not only simple and easy to implement, but also can avoid the influence of factors such as unevenness or texture of the surface of the copper foil on the detection results, and improve the accuracy of the measurement.



Advantages of the POMEAS Spectral Focus Thickness Measurement System:



1. Adopting non-contact design of counter-reflective structure, no matter what material the product is made of, it can realize accurate measurement.



2. Equipped with 8022 spectral sensor independently developed by POMEAS, the measurement is accurate and stable, and the accuracy can reach within 1μm.



3. Equipped with self-developed PMS-8000 series dual-channel spectral controller, simple structure, easy to operate.



4. Using self-developed measurement software, support multi-sensor composite operation, easy to use and convenient.



POMEAS spectral focusing thickness measurement system is characterized by fast, efficient and accurate, which can meet the needs of various copper foil thickness inspection. And according to the customer's needs to replace the different precision spectral sensor, adaptability, wide range of applications. With high degree of automation and easy operation, it can meet the needs of various production lines for rapid inspection.



POMEAS spectral focusing thickness measurement system can realize automated measurement, improve inspection efficiency, and ensure the accuracy and stability of the measurement results. In the future, with the continuous development of technology and the expansion of application areas, this program will be used and promoted in more fields.

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