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Weld seam is the connection part formed during the welding process of two products, and its quality has a vital impact on the safety and stability of the whole welded structure. Therefore, the inspection of weld seams is very important.



With the continuous development of welding technology, weld visual inspection program has been widely used. Welding vision inspection solution is a machine vision image processing system based on industrial cameras and industrial lenses, which improves the quality and efficiency of the welding production line through high-speed and accurate inspection and analysis of weld seams and welding quality.



POMEAS is a machine vision sensor devices and solutions provider, can provide the core components of the weld seam vision inspection program, this article will introduce the optics that can be used for weld vision inspection system, and the advantages of the application.



Core component for visual inspection of weld seams:



①POMEAS 4K large field of view zoom industrial lens;


②POMEAS Gigabit network industrial camera;


③POMEAS ring vision light source.



Advantages of POMEAS optics in weld seam vision inspection solutions:



1. The 4K zoom lens of POMEAS has a large field of view and maintains high resolution at high magnification for more accurate detection, suitable for high-precision measurement scenarios.



2. With high recognition rate of weld seams, POMEAS industrial camera can capture high resolution and clarity images, which can clearly show the details and features of weld seams, which is helpful for detecting weld defects and problems.


3. The ring light source can provide uniform illumination, making the brightness of the weld surface uniform, thus improving the accuracy of inspection.

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