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In the electronics industry, inductors are one of the important electronic components, and their quality and use directly affect the performance and reliability of the entire product. Therefore, industry standards require the testing of intricate inductive characters to ensure product quality and reliability.



Detection needs:


Acquire the inductor image, recognize and detect the characters on the inductor, and determine whether the characters have misprints, omissions, typographical errors and other problems.



POMEAS is a machine vision sensor device and solution provider, can provide a complete set of vision solutions for inductive character detection, the program through the image processing technology for character recognition, automatically determine the correctness and integrity of the character. It can effectively improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce production cost and risk.



Detection Program:


1. Lens using POMEAS megapixel industrial lens VP-LE-3514M;

2. Camera using POMEAS Gigabit network interface 5 megapixel CCD industrial camera;

3. Match with POMEAS ring light source and machine vision inspection software system developed independently based on POMEAS.



Program Component Advantage:


①POMEAS megapixel industrial lens VP-LE-3514M, focal length 35mm, excellent optical performance, low aberration and low distortion imaging, you can get the real image of inductive characters.


②POMEAS industrial camera stability, clear and sharp imaging, can maximize the performance of the camera lens with clear and fast character detection.


③The ring light source without shadow provides suitable light for inductor character detection, so that the camera can clearly capture the image of the inductor product.

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