Machine Vision Solution|Appearance Inspection Case of Soft-packed Battery




With the rapid development of the new energy market, flexible pack batteries have gradually been widely used in electric vehicles, energy storage and other fields due to their high energy density and excellent safety performance. However, the appearance quality of soft pack batteries has an important impact on their performance and safety. Therefore, it is of great significance to carry out appearance inspection of soft pack batteries.



Detection needs:


Detect the appearance of soft pack batteries for scratches, dents, bumps and other defects, and reject defective products.



Detection Methods:


POMEAS vision inspection system is an efficient and accurate inspection method, widely used in industrial automated production line for quality inspection. In the appearance inspection of soft pack batteries, the vision inspection solution can quickly and accurately identify defects and improve production efficiency and product quality.




Program core components and benefits:


1.POMEAS line scan industrial lens: characterized by high definition and high resolution, it can capture the detailed information of the battery surface and provide high-quality data for the subsequent image processing.


2. Industrial camera: with high speed and high precision, it can capture the image information of the battery surface in real time and transmit it to the computer for processing and analyzing.


3. Visual light source: a suitable light source can provide clear and high contrast images, which helps to improve the precision and reliability of visual inspection. At the same time, the stability of the light source can also ensure the stability and consistency of the image quality.




Detection effect diagram:


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