Principle of construction of zoom industrial lenses




Industrial lens is a key component of the vision inspection system, its performance and applicability has a direct impact on the accuracy and efficiency of the entire system. In the many industrial lenses, zoom industrial lens because of its unique zoom principle and structure composition, making it more flexible range of applications.



Zoom industrial lens has an important role in vision inspection system. First of all, the zoom industrial lens can be adjusted by adjusting the focal length of the lens to achieve a long-distance shooting or near-distance high-magnification imaging, thus adapting to the needs of different inspection tasks. Secondly, the zoom lens can be adapted to the detection of different sized objects with the same shooting distance, which has higher flexibility and adaptability. In addition, the zoom lens can also be adjusted through the zoom to achieve a clear focus of the image, eliminating the aberration produced by the object out of focus, improving the clarity and accuracy of the image. Therefore, zoom industrial lenses have been widely used in many high-precision and high-efficiency visual inspection tasks.




The zoom principle of zoom industrial lens is mainly based on the principle of optical magnification, by changing the distance between the optical lens group inside the lens to achieve changes in focal length. When the focal length of the lens is long, the distance between the lens group is small, so that parallel rays of light through the lens can converge on a point, to achieve a clear image of the object at a distance. When the focal length of the lens is shorter, the distance between the lens groups is larger, so that the light can converge at one point in a wider angle of view to achieve clear imaging of close objects. Therefore, by adjusting the distance between the lens groups, the focal length of the zoom lens can be adjusted.




Zoom industrial lenses are usually composed of multiple optical lenses, aperture adjustment devices, focus adjustment devices and interfaces. Among them, the optical lens is the core component of the zoom lens, and its design and manufacturing process directly affect the imaging quality and resolution of the lens. The aperture adjustment device can control the light flux into the lens, thereby adjusting the image exposure and depth of field. The focus adjustment device can adjust the distance between the lens and the detected object to achieve a clear imaging effect. The interface part is an important part that connects the lens to the industrial camera, and common interface types include C, CS, F, etc.




Zoom industrial lenses have a more flexible range of applications due to their unique zoom principle and structural composition. By understanding the structural principle of zoom industrial lens, you can better understand its working principle and performance characteristics, and provide guidance for the selection and application of vision inspection system.

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