Six basic types of industrial lenses




In industrial production, vision inspection system plays a very important role, and industrial lens as a key component of vision inspection system, its performance and applicability has a direct impact on the accuracy and efficiency of the whole system. Industrial lenses have a variety of different types, each type has its specific characteristics and use of the scene. This article will introduce six common types of industrial lenses and their characteristics.



I. Fixed-focus lenses


A fixed-focus lens is a lens with a fixed focal length. The focal length, aperture, imaging size and other parameters of such a lens are fixed and cannot be adjusted. Fixed-focus lenses have the characteristics of simple structure, small size, light weight, low price, etc., and are suitable for the detection of specific objects.



II. Zoom Lens


A zoom lens is a lens whose focal length can be adjusted. A wider or narrower field of view can be obtained by changing the focal length. Zoom lenses can adapt to the detection of objects of different sizes at the same shooting distance, providing greater flexibility and adaptability.



III. Zoom lenses


A zoom lens is a lens that can change the magnification within a certain range. Users can change the imaging field of view and the size of the image without adjusting the object distance. Variable magnification lenses can meet different inspection needs and achieve high-precision and high-efficiency inspection.



IV. Telecentric Lens


Telecentric lens can be in a certain object distance range, so that the magnification of the image obtained will not change, this kind of lens can correct the traditional lens parallax, improve the clarity and accuracy of the image. It is suitable for inspection of objects with high requirements on shape, size and surface, such as optical devices and watches.



V. Double-magnification telecentric lens


The double-magnification telecentric lens is a dual-port design with low distortion, high resolution and large depth of field, which is suitable for high-precision inspection of small and medium-sized objects, such as electronic components and small parts.



VI. Line scanning lens


Line scanning lens a line scanning optical lens that can be acquired at high speed, with high resolution, low distortion and other characteristics, can obtain the contour information of the object. It is suitable for fast, high-precision inspection of continuous production lines and large objects, such as products on production lines and large components.



Industrial lenses have a very important role in the vision inspection system. Different types of industrial lenses have different characteristics and application scenarios, and choosing the right lens can improve the accuracy and efficiency of detection. In practical application, according to the specific detection object, detection accuracy, shooting distance and other factors for comprehensive consideration, select the most suitable industrial lens.

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