What is the difference between a spectral confocal sensor and a line laser displacement sensor?




Sensors play an important role in automated production and quality control, of which spectral confocal sensors and line laser displacement sensors are two common sensor types. They have differences in the measurement principle, application scenarios. This article is a detailed introduction to help better selection in the actual application.



I. Principle of measurement



Spectral Confocal Sensor: Scanning the surface of the object to be measured to obtain the spectral information of the reflected light on the surface, to achieve high-precision measurement of the surface contour of the object.



Line Laser Displacement Sensor: Using the laser reflection principle, the contour information of the object surface is obtained by measuring the angle between the light beam reflected from the surface of the object under test and the reference beam. The angle of reflection is related to the shape of the surface of the object, so by analysing the angle of reflection, the contour of the surface of the object can be accurately measured.




II. Application scenarios



Spectral Confocal Sensors: Suitable for high-precision, high-resolution measurements on transparent, opaque or translucent materials. In addition, spectral confocal sensors allow for non-contact measurements, avoiding measurement errors caused by contact. Spectral confocal sensors are highly accurate, high resolution, and capable of micron-level measurements. It is highly adaptable to changes in ambient light and temperature.



Line laser displacement sensors: Suitable for measuring surfaces with high reflectivity, such as metal, glass, etc. Since its reflection angle is closely related to the shape of the object surface, the measurement may not be ideal for surfaces with low reflectivity, such as rubber, wood, etc.




In summary, there are obvious differences between spectral confocal sensors and laser displacement sensors in terms of measurement principle and application scenarios. According to the specific measurement needs and application scenarios, you can choose the right type of sensor to achieve accurate measurement.

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