Line scanning industrial lenses: for higher speed inspection!




Line scan industrial lens is a special kind of industrial lens, widely used in high-speed and high-precision inspection scenarios. Compared with ordinary industrial lenses, line scan industrial lenses have higher scanning speeds and better optical performance, making inspection more high-speed and efficient.



Firstly, a line scan lens is an industrial lens specifically designed for use in line scan mode. In this mode, the lens can capture thousands or even tens of thousands of pixels of information per second. In contrast, ordinary industrial lenses typically capture only a portion of the image in the entire field of view, so in line scan mode, line scan industrial lenses are able to perform inspections at much higher speeds.




Secondly, line-scan industrial lenses have superior optical performance. Higher quality lenses and more sophisticated optical systems are often used to achieve higher resolution and lower aberrations. These improvements in optical performance enable line-scan industrial lenses to capture object details more clearly, thus providing more accurate and finer inspection results.




Finally, the high-speed performance of line-scan industrial lenses is their greatest strength. Line scan industrial lenses can complete a large number of inspection tasks in a short period of time. It has a wide range of application prospects in high-speed production lines, high-precision measurement and other fields.




Line scan industrial lenses have higher scanning speeds and better optical performance than ordinary industrial lenses, and these advantages make them widely used in high-speed and high-precision inspection scenarios. At the same time, the high-speed performance of line-scanning industrial lenses makes the inspection faster and more efficient, which further improves production efficiency and product quality.

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