What industrial lenses are used for semiconductor wafer inspection?




Wafer inspection is a very important part of the semiconductor manufacturing process. Wafers are the core of semiconductor manufacturing, and their surface quality and integrity have a critical impact on product performance and reliability. In order to ensure the quality of wafers and the stability of the manufacturing process, it is necessary to use high-precision industrial lenses for inspection.



Industrial lenses are one of the key components in a vision inspection system. High-resolution industrial lenses can provide high-resolution images that clearly capture details and defects on the wafer surface to ensure inspection accuracy.



Variable-magnification industrial lenses are lenses whose magnification can be continuously and infinitely adjusted within a certain range, and have the following advantages in wafer inspection:



1. The variable industrial lens can adjust the magnification to accommodate different sized wafers. This makes it possible to inspect wafers of different sizes in one system, improving the flexibility and adaptability of the system.



2. High precision and high efficiency: Variable-magnification industrial lens can complete a large number of wafer inspection tasks in a short period of time, improving production efficiency. At the same time, the high precision zoom industrial lens can also provide more accurate inspection results.



3. Flexibility and expandability: Variable-magnification industrial lenses can be configured and expanded according to different needs. For example, it can be paired with different components to achieve higher magnification and a wider field of view.



In addition, zoom industrial lenses also offer low maintenance costs and high maintenance convenience due to their relatively simple structure. The use of zoom industrial lenses in semiconductor wafer inspection provides the advantages of high accuracy, high efficiency, non-contact inspection, and high reliability.

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