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With the rapid renewal of 3C products, more and more new technologies are applied to them. The degree of automation of the production process is also higher and higher, the robot is the fastest growing application in the production in the past few years, and its supporting vision is also widely used. 
Manipulator due to their own reasons, general repeatability is limited, in the requirement to achieve a high degree of accuracy in the assembly equipment, if simply from the mechanism, fixtures and fixtures on the transformation, it will cost a considerable amount of cost, and the addition of accurate vision guidance mechanism, it can be a good solution to the problem.



Functional Requirements:


Guiding the robot to assemble and fit the cell phone camera, and double-checking whether the fit position is correct.





POMEAS is a machine vision sensor device and solution provider that can provide complete vision solutions for cell phone camera assembly guidance.



System Configuration and Benefits:


1. The lens uses POMEAS HD telecentric lens VP-LTC1-65 with high depth of field, high resolution, low distortion, etc., which can clearly identify the details and features of the cell phone camera and ensure the assembly accuracy and quality.


2. Matching with POMEAS 500W pixel industrial camera with stable imaging and excellent anti-interference ability, it can work stably in complex production environment to ensure the accuracy and stability of the vision system.


3. Based on VisionPro software system, customized graphical interface, simple and easy to use, high precision. 

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