3D Contour Measurement Program to Detect Flat Dimensions and Contour of Glasses




Accurate measurement of flat dimensions and curved surfaces of glass is critical in modern industrial production and quality control. Traditional measurement methods often have limitations and cannot meet the requirements of high precision and efficiency. The emergence of three-dimensional profile measuring instrument provides a brand new solution for the inspection of glass.


POMEAS 3D Profile Measuring Instrument is an advanced optical measuring equipment, which utilizes a spectral sensor to scan the surface of an object and obtains the 3D profile information of the object by measuring the time difference or phase difference of the reflected light. Compared with traditional measurement methods, it has the advantages of non-contact, high accuracy and high efficiency, and is capable of quickly and accurately measuring flat dimensions and curved surfaces of glass.


POMEAS MetX 3D measurement software is a powerful 3D measurement software, combined with point spectral sensors and other measurement components, it can quickly measure the thickness, flatness, curvature and other parameters of the glass, which effectively improves the production efficiency and product quality in the glass production process. For example, in the production of cell phone glass, the 3D profiler can accurately measure the curvature of the glass to ensure the fit of the glass to the surface of the cell phone.




The 3D profilometer can also play an important role in the glass quality inspection process. It can detect flaws, scratches, cracks and other defects on the glass surface, as well as parameters such as thickness uniformity and curvature consistency of the glass. By analyzing and processing the inspection data, problems can be found and adjusted in time to avoid unqualified products from flowing into the market.

Three-dimensional contour measuring instrument is a very effective glass inspection tool, it can quickly and accurately measure the flat size and curved surface of the glass, which provides a strong support for the production and quality control of glass.


With the continuous progress of science and technology, the application range of 3D contour measuring instrument will be more and more extensive, bringing more convenience and benefits for industrial production.

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