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In modern manufacturing, the quality and accuracy of products are critical. In order to ensure the quality and accuracy of the products, rigorous testing and measurement of the products is required.



3D Contour Measuring Instrument is a high-precision 3D measuring instrument, which can quickly and accurately measure the 3D contour of an object, thus improving the inspection quality and efficiency.


The POMEAS 3D Profile Measuring Instrument utilizes advanced sensing technology and data processing algorithms to obtain high quality measurement data in a short period of time. It can measure the height, width, depth and other parameters of an object and can generate a 3D model of the object, thus providing more accurate and detailed data for engineers and designers.


The 3D Contour Measuring Instrument is very easy to use, all you need to do is place the object on the measuring platform and press the measure button. It can measure objects of all shapes and sizes, including parts, molds, tools, and more.


The 3D Profile Measuring Instrument not only improves inspection quality, but also reduces costs and improves efficiency. It can reduce manual measurement errors and time, thus improving productivity and quality.


At the same time, it can also provide more accurate and detailed data for the enterprise, so as to provide a more reliable basis for the enterprise's decision-making.


There are currently three models of POMEAS 3D Profile Gauges available, depending on the size of your product and your specific inspection needs.

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