The basic components and applications of the flash meter




The flash tester is a high-precision measuring device mainly used to quickly and accurately measure objects of various shapes and sizes. It is characterized by high efficiency and high accuracy and is widely used in manufacturing, inspection and maintenance. The following will introduce the basic components of the flash meter structure and its application range to help better understand.



1, the basic composition of the flash meter structure


The flash meter consists of the following main components:


1.Telecentric Industrial Lens: POMEAS IMAGE3 flash tester is equipped with self-developed double-magnification dual-side telecentric lens, which can better capture the product outline, reduce the requirement of light source and camera, and improve the measurement accuracy at the same time.


2. Visual Light Source: The main role of the visual light source is to provide illumination so that the inspected object can be clearly captured by the camera. The correct intensity of the light source enables optimal contrast and clarity of the image, resulting in a more accurate inspection system.


3. Industrial Camera: POMEAS flash testers are equipped with a high resolution industrial camera, which receives the image information from the telecentric lens and converts it into a digital signal. The high-resolution camera can better capture the details of the product contour and provide high-quality data for subsequent image processing.


4. Image processing software system: image processing software can not only improve the speed of measurement, but also a variety of analysis and processing of images, while completing the evaluation of dimensional tolerances.



2, flash meter application range


Flash meters have a wide range of applications and a few of the main areas of application are described below:


1. Hardware field: flash tester can be used for rapid measurement of hardware parts, such as screws, nuts, rivets and so on. The size and shape of these parts is critical to the quality and performance of the product, the use of flash testers can quickly and accurately detect whether they meet the requirements.


2. Semiconductor field: flash meter is also widely used in the semiconductor industry, such as in the chip packaging and testing stage. Flash testers can quickly and accurately measure the size and shape of chips to ensure that they meet design requirements and performance standards.


3. Mobile phone field: the manufacture of cell phone components requires high-precision measurement and detection. Flash meter can be used for rapid measurement and detection of cell phone parts, such as cell phone screen, camera, keys and so on. Through the measurement of the flash meter, it can ensure that the size and shape of each component meets the requirements, thus improving the quality and performance of cell phones.

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