What are the professional industrial camera lenses?




In the field of industrial automation, cameras and lenses are important components for visual inspection and identification. As the front-end equipment of the camera, the lens has a crucial impact on the final image quality of the camera. Different lens types and parameter settings will have a direct impact on the clarity, depth of field, resolution, etc. of the image. Therefore, the selection of lenses that are suitable for industrial cameras is the basis for realizing high-quality visual inspection.



Professional industrial camera lenses can be categorized as follows:



1. Fixed Focus Lens: Fixed focus lens is the most commonly used type of lens in industrial cameras. It has only one focal length with a fixed shooting range, which is suitable for determining the distance and size of the detection target. By adjusting the shooting distance, different sizes of shooting range can be realized.



2. Telecentric lens: Telecentric lens is a special type of industrial camera lens, which has a long light path and can realize large depth of field and high definition shooting effect. This kind of lens is mainly used in high-precision, high-stability vision inspection system, such as machine vision, precision measurement and other fields.



3. Line scanning lens: Line scanning lens is a kind of high speed scanning lens used in line scanning camera or CMOS camera. It can realize high-speed, high-precision image scanning, suitable for high-speed production line quality inspection and identification.



4. Zoom lens: Zoom lens is a kind of lens that can change the magnification, which can be adjusted to adapt to different inspection needs. It is suitable for precision parts inspection, scientific research and other scenes.



By choosing the type of lens and parameter settings that are appropriate for the camera, you can obtain high-quality imaging effects and accurate visual inspection results. At the same time, the use of high-quality, highly stable industrial camera lens can also improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs. Therefore, for those engaged in machine vision and image processing, it is very necessary to understand and master the types and use of industrial camera lenses.

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