Principle of Glass Thickness Measurement by Spectral Confocal Sensor




Spectral confocal sensors can be used to detect glass thickness. These sensors utilize the optical confocal principle to accurately measure the thickness of a material by measuring the reflection and refraction of light within the material.



Specifically, by emitting a laser beam and analyzing its reflected light, a spectral confocal sensor can determine the wavelength and intensity of the reflected light to derive information about the thickness of the material. When a laser beam hits a glass surface, some of the light is reflected and some of it penetrates and is reflected and refracted within the glass. The sensor measures the characteristics of this reflected light and calculates the thickness of the glass based on optical principles.



Glass thickness inspection by means of a spectral confocal sensor has the following advantages:


1. Non-contact measurement: no need to directly contact the glass surface, avoiding possible damage or deformation to the glass.

2. High precision: the spectral confocal sensor can realize micron or even nano-scale high-precision measurement, which is suitable for occasions that require high accuracy of glass thickness.

3. fast measurement: the sensor can quickly complete the measurement process, improve work efficiency.



POMEAS spectral confocal sensors typically provide highly accurate thickness measurements, independent of glass surface topography, for a wide range of glass types and shapes. Accuracies are higher than conventional triangular range sensors, and results are consistently consistent across different materials or geometries. This technology has a wide range of applications in glass manufacturing and processing, such as glass sheet production and automotive glass processing.

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