Inspection of cylinder surface vision




The Cylinder Surface Visual Inspection task aims to accurately inspect the surface of a cylinder using visual inspection techniques.


By using optics and computer vision algorithms, automatic identification and measurement of defects, dimensions and shapes on the surface of cylinders is realized.

Detecting Targets:



Surface Defect Detection: Identify and record the presence of cracks, scratches, pits and other defects on the surface of the cylinder.


Dimensional Measurement: Measure critical dimensions such as diameter, length, etc. of the cylinder to ensure that it conforms to preset tolerance ranges.


Shape analysis: assesses whether the shape of the cylinder is standardized, e.g. whether bending or deformation has occurred.


Detection Program:



1、Industrial camera: five million color industrial camera.


2, Lens: 360 ° outer wall inspection lens, to ensure that it can clearly capture all angles and details of the cylinder.


3、Light source: ring shadowless light source, providing uniform, shadow-free illumination and enhancing the contrast of surface features.

Program Benefits:



1. High degree of automation: automated inspection is realized through computer vision technology to improve production efficiency.


2. High precision: adopting high-resolution camera and precise algorithm to realize high-precision inspection of cylinder surface.


3. Strong customizability: according to different inspection needs, algorithms and parameters can be adjusted to meet diversified inspection requirements.


4. Real-time feedback: able to provide real-time inspection results to facilitate timely detection and treatment of problems.


5. Reduce labor costs: reduce the link of manual visual inspection, reduce labor costs and human error.


6. Easy integration: can be integrated with other equipment on the production line to realize the seamless connection of the automated production line.


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