Which measurement is better, a 4k lens or a double telecentric lens?




In terms of measurement results, the 4k lens and the dual telecentric lens each have their own characteristics. Let's make a detailed comparison from the measurement accuracy



Let's take a look at 4k lenses. 4k lenses are lenses whose image sensors are capable of 4000 pixels or more, with high resolution and image quality. The new generation of 4K class large field of view high resolution continuous zoom lens from Pumice has an optical magnification of 0.68X-5.0X and a large zoom ratio.


The 4k lens is able to provide higher measurement accuracy because it has a higher resolution and can capture more detailed information, which is very important for application scenarios that require high-precision measurements.The image sensor size of the 4k lens supports a 1-inch size, and the magnification range of 0.68X-5.0X it is able to provide a wider field of view, which increases the scenarios for which it is applicable.


Double telecentric lens is a special optical lens that combines the design features of image-side telecentric and object-side telecentric. It has high measurement accuracy, large depth of field and wide field of view. The double telecentric lens is designed to eliminate perspective distortion and provide more accurate measurement results.


Due to its special structural design, the optical aberration of the double telecentric lens is small, which gives it an advantage in scenarios that require high-precision measurements. In addition, the double telecentric lens is more stable because it uses two telecentric lenses to acquire images, which increases the stability of the system.



Based on the measurement characteristics of the 4k lens versus the double telecentric lens, the choice of lens depends on the specific measurement needs and application scenarios. If high resolution and a wide field of view are required, the 4k lens may be more suitable. If the measurement accuracy requirements are very high, and stability is a key factor, then the double telecentric lens may be a better choice. In practical applications, other factors such as cost and installation difficulty should also be considered.


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