Flash meter application of connector size fast measurement program




Connectors are important connecting parts in electronic equipment, and their dimensional accuracy directly affects the electrical performance and mechanical strength of the equipment. Therefore, accurate and efficient measurement of the dimensions of the connector products is the key link to ensure product quality.



Detection needs:


Inspection of pin diameter, length and other dimensions to determine whether they meet the installation requirements.



Detection Program:


The POMEAS IMAGE3 series flash tester is a highly efficient and accurate measuring device with non-contact measurement, simple and fast inspection process, which has many advantages in connector dimensional measurement.



Program Strengths:


1. Non-contact measurement: flash meter adopts non-contact measurement method, which will not cause any damage to the measured object, effectively protecting the measured object.


2. High speed, high accuracy: flash tester measurement speed is very fast, the accuracy can reach the micron level, you can accurately obtain the size of the connector information.


3. Visualization interface: flash tester has a friendly visualization interface, easy and convenient operation, even for beginners can quickly get started.


4. Automated operation: flash meter has the advantage of automated operation, can automatically obtain measurement data, analyze the results and generate reports, greatly improving the measurement efficiency.


5. High degree of integration: flash meter integrated with a variety of measurement projects in one, you can complete a one-time measurement of multiple dimensions, greatly reducing the measurement time.

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