How do I quickly measure the flatness dimensions of a TV speaker core?




The TV speaker core is an important part of the TV sound system and is the sound generating unit of the TV set. It usually consists of a metal diaphragm, voice coil, dust cap, etc. It converts electrical signals into sound signals through the principle of electromagnetic induction, thus realizing the sound output of the TV set. The quality and performance of the speaker core directly affects the sound quality and sound performance of the TV set.



In order to guarantee the quality of the product, it needs to go through a strict quality inspection. The dimensions of the horn core are measured in terms of length, width, distance, flatness, etc. For the inspection of such precision parts, a POMEAS 3D contour measuring machine can be used.



measurement process:


1. Place the horn core on the measuring table and adjust the position so that its surface is aligned with the visual scheme.


2. Start the instrument, set the measurement parameters and start the measurement.


3. The instrument automatically acquires 3D data of the horn core surface and analyzes it.


4. Judge whether the flatness of the horn core meets the requirement according to the measurement result and generate the inspection report.



Program Introduction


Equipped with PMS-X4 motion controller, zoom measurement module, sensors and other technologies, the POMEAS 3D Contour Measuring Instrument can meet most of the industry inspection needs with its high precision measurement performance. In addition, the POMEAS 3D Profiler supports a wide range of cameras, lenses, sensors, and accessories to help users complete all kinds of measurement tasks more quickly and accurately.



POMEAS is a machine vision sensor device and solution provider, which can provide high-precision and high-stability vision and dimensional measurement solutions for TV, electronics, cell phone, hardware, semiconductor and other industries.

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