Why are industrial inspection dimensions measured with telecentric lenses?




In the field of industrial inspection, for the dimensional measurement of precision parts, we often use machine vision technology. And in machine vision systems, telecentric optical lenses are an optical component that is often employed.



Telecentric lenses are widely used in some dimensional measurement equipment such as cell phone parts, hardware measurement programs or flash meters. There are several main reasons why we use telecentric lenses in dimensional measurement programs:



1. Elimination of perspective error: Traditional industrial lenses produce perspective error when photographing objects due to the principle of light refraction. The telecentric lens eliminates perspective error by adopting a special optical path design, so that the captured image will not be distorted due to changes in object distance, thus improving the precision of size measurement.



2. Large depth of field: Telecentric lenses have a large depth of field range, which can realize clear imaging in a wide range. In size measurement, the large depth of field can ensure that when shooting the same image, the entire object to be measured can be clearly presented, reducing the measurement error.



3. High resolution: telecentric lenses are usually made of high-quality optical materials and precise manufacturing process, which can realize high-resolution shooting effect. High resolution can capture the detailed characteristics of the measured object, improve the accuracy and reliability of size measurement.



4. High stability: telecentric lenses have high mechanical stability and optical stability, which can reduce image jitter and distortion to ensure the stability of the measurement results.



The use of telecentric lenses in dimensional measurement projects can greatly improve the accuracy, efficiency and reliability of dimensional measurements and reduce the error and tediousness of manual measurements. Therefore, telecentric lenses have been widely used and promoted in the field of industrial inspection.

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