The role of machine vision lenses




Machine vision lens is one of the important components in machine vision system, which is mainly used to realize image acquisition and transmission. It is a special lens with the advantages of high precision, high stability and high anti-interference ability, which can provide clear and stable images for the machine vision system and thus ensure the normal operation of the system.



Machine vision lenses have the following roles in a machine vision system:



1. Image Acquisition: The machine vision lens can image the target object on the image sensor, so as to acquire the image of the target object.



2. Image zoom in and zoom out: machine vision lens can realize zoom in or zoom out on the target object by adjusting the focal length, so as to obtain images with different magnification.



3. Image Stabilization: Machine vision lens has high stability, which can effectively inhibit image jitter and distortion, thus ensuring the measurement accuracy and stability of the machine vision system.



Machine vision lenses can be divided into the following categories according to their functions and application scenarios:



① Fixed focal length FA lens: fixed focal length lens is a fixed focal length lens, the advantage is stable image quality, the disadvantage is that the scope of application is narrower, you need to frequently replace the lens with different focal lengths to meet different shooting needs.



② zoom industrial lens: zoom lens is a lens with variable focal length, the advantage of which is that the focal length can be adjusted to adapt to different shooting needs, but also to achieve long-distance and close shooting. However, due to the more complex structure of the zoom lens, the price is higher, so the scope of application is relatively narrow.



③ Telecentric Lens: Telecentric lens is a special machine vision lens with a long light path, which can realize large depth of field and high definition shooting effect. It is suitable for high-precision, high-stability vision inspection system, such as machine vision, precision measurement and other fields.



In the machine vision system, choosing the right machine vision lens can improve the measurement accuracy and stability of the system, so as to ensure the normal operation of the system. At the same time, different application scenarios require different types of machine vision lenses, so in the actual application needs to be selected according to specific needs.

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