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Due to their tiny and fine dimensions, they are often used in precision mold making and injection molding processes. Tiny tools are able to accurately control the flow and molding of plastics to achieve complex structures and shapes. The purpose of tool inspection is to ensure that parameters such as size, shape, sharpness and wear meet process requirements. Through inspection, potential problems with the tool, such as wear, chipping or dimensional deviations, can be detected in time, thus avoiding errors and defective products during the machining process.


Detecting Difficulties:

0.5mm tools present significant difficulties in visual observation due to their extremely small size. Firstly, due to its tiny size, the details and edges of the tool are difficult to be clearly displayed under conventional vision systems, which increases the difficulty of inspecting key parameters such as the surface quality and edge condition of the tool. Second, the tiny size of the tool also means that its pixel percentage in the vision image is extremely low, which requires the vision system to have extremely high resolution and image processing capability in order to accurately capture the detail information of the tool. In addition, factors such as jitter and uneven lighting during the observation process may also interfere with the visual detection of tiny tools, further increasing the difficulty of observation.



4K vision solution core components:


1.POMEAS 4K zoom lens: characterized by high definition and high resolution, it can capture the detailed information of the tool surface and provide high quality data for the subsequent image processing.


2.Million industrial camera: with high speed and high precision, it can capture the image information of the tool surface in real time and transmit it to the computer for processing and analysis.


3.45° ring light source: the right light source can provide clear and high contrast images, which helps to improve the precision and reliability of visual inspection. At the same time, the stability of the light source can also ensure the stability and consistency of the image quality.


Advantages of 4K vision solutions:



1, high resolution: 4K vision system can provide extremely high image resolution, so that the details and edges of the tool can be clearly shown in the image. This helps to accurately detect the surface quality of the tool, edge condition and other key parameters, and improve the inspection accuracy.


2, large field of view range: through the flexible adjustment of the zoom lens, 4K vision system can ensure high resolution at the same time, to achieve a large field of view range coverage. This enables the observation process to capture more tool information and improve inspection efficiency.


3, strong anti-interference ability: 4K vision system has a stronger image processing capabilities, can effectively inhibit the observation process of jitter, uneven illumination and other interference factors. This helps to ensure the stability and reliability of the observation results.


4, compatibility and scalability: 4K vision program has good compatibility and scalability, can be seamlessly connected with other optical instruments, testing equipment, etc., to form a complete tool inspection system. At the same time, the solution can also be customized and optimized according to actual needs to meet the observation needs of different scenes.




The vision solution based on 4K zoom lens provides an effective solution for 0.5mm tool observation. Through this solution, we can realize high-precision inspection of tool details, improve inspection efficiency and accuracy, and provide strong support for tool quality control.

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