Measurement Systems|Application of Image Measuring Instruments in Common Mode Inductance Detection




A common mode inductor is an electronic component used to suppress electromagnetic interference. It consists of two coils which have the same number of turns and winding direction, but they are wound in different ways. It is commonly used in various electronic products, such as computers, communication equipment, power adapters. And the size and three-dimensional profile of a common mode inductor are critical to its performance and reliability.



During the manufacturing process, dimensional variations may lead to deviations in the inductance value, which in turn affects its filtering and anti-interference capabilities. Therefore, accurate measurement of the dimensions of common mode inductors is a critical part of ensuring product quality.


Fully automated image measuring instruments (flash meters) offer superior solutions for common mode inductance measurements. Fully automated image measuring instruments (flash meters) offer a variety of advantages over traditional measurement methods. It can quickly and accurately acquire an image of a common mode inductor and perform flat 2D dimensional measurements and 3D contour analysis using advanced image processing techniques. This non-contact measurement method avoids damage to components while providing highly accurate measurement results.


Fully automatic image measuring instrument (flash measuring instrument) IMAGE 3 MAX2 measurement characteristics:



1. Non-contact measurement: the use of non-contact measurement will not cause any damage to the measured object, effectively protecting the measured object.

2. High speed and high accuracy: The measurement speed is very fast and the accuracy is up to micron level, which can accurately obtain the dimensional information of the connector.

3. Visualization interface: with friendly visualization interface, easy and convenient operation, even beginners can get started quickly.

4. Automatic operation: with the advantage of automatic operation, it can automatically obtain measurement data, analyze the results and generate reports, which greatly improves the measurement efficiency.

5. High degree of integration: integrates a variety of measurement projects in one, can complete the measurement of multiple dimensions at once, greatly reducing the measurement time.

The POMEAS Technology fully automatic image measuring instrument (flash measuring instrument) IMAGE 3 MAX2 utilizes advanced image acquisition and processing technology to enable high-precision, high-speed dimensional measurements. The meter utilizes a high-resolution camera and sophisticated measurement algorithms to provide accurate and reliable measurement results. It also features an easy-to-operate interface and powerful functions that make the measurement process simple and efficient, making it easy to measure various parameters of common mode inductance.

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