Advantages of Cannonball Structures for Inspection Applications




      With its excellent optical performance, the POMEAS Cannonball Telecentric Lens is often used in vision inspection solutions, so let's take a look at the advantages of its application in vision inspection.



1, high-precision measurement: telecentric lens can eliminate perspective errors and ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the measurement, which is very suitable for high-precision measurement tasks, such as parts size measurement and quality inspection.

2, non-deformed image: regardless of the object distance from the lens, the image can maintain the true size and shape, which is very important for the need to accurately analyze and identify the object.

3, accurate depth information: due to the telecentric optical path design, it can accurately obtain the depth information of the object, which is helpful for three-dimensional measurement and reconstruction.

4, suitable for moving objects: during the movement of the object, the telecentric lens can provide a stable image without blurring or distortion due to changes in the position of the object.

5, strong anti-interference ability: can reduce the interference of the background and stray light, make the target object more clearly visible, improve the contrast and quality of the image.

6, a wide range of working distance: the large barrel structure usually provides a large range of working distance, making the lens can adapt to different sizes and shapes of objects, with better flexibility.

7, in industrial automation: commonly used in automated production lines for quality control, parts sorting, etc., can quickly and accurately detect and identify objects.

8、Application in scientific research: suitable for microscopic imaging, astronomical observation and other fields, can provide high-quality images and data.



These advantages make the cannon barrel structure of the telecentric lens in many areas have been widely used, for the actual work to bring convenience and efficiency. In specific application scenarios also need to choose the right telecentric lens according to the actual needs and specific lens characteristics.

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