Application of telecentric lenses in shaft ring size inspection systems




In modern industrial production, shaft collar as a key component, its dimensional accuracy directly affects the quality and performance of the product. Therefore, accurate and efficient inspection of shaft collar dimensions is particularly important. POMEAS, as a comprehensive industrial automation product supplier, has been committed to providing high-precision and high-efficiency vision components and system solutions to global customers since its establishment in 2010.


Construction of Axis Rim Size Inspection System with Telecentric Lens Application



1. Lens Selection: In building an axial ring size inspection system, you first need to select the appropriate telecentric lens, and according to the size of the axial ring and inspection requirements, design a reasonable optical imaging system. By accurately adjusting the focal length of the lens and aperture and other parameters to ensure that the system can capture a clear image of the axis ring.


2. Build program: Process and analyze the captured images using image processing technology. By extracting the edge information of the axis circle, measuring the size parameters and other steps, the accurate detection of the size of the axis circle is realized. In this process, the imaging quality of the telecentric lens directly affects the accuracy and efficiency of image processing.


3. Identification and Measurement: Combine with machine vision technology to realize the automatic identification and measurement of the size of the shaft collar. By writing the corresponding algorithms and programs, the system can automatically identify the characteristic points of the shaft circle and calculate its size parameters. This automated inspection method greatly improves the inspection efficiency and reduces the possibility of manual intervention, thus improving the reliability and consistency of inspection.


Advantages of POMEAS telecentric lenses in shaft ring size inspection


1、Accuracy: The consistency of its imaging magnification ensures the accuracy of the inspection results;


2、Large depth of field: The large depth of field design allows the system to adapt to different surface conditions of the shaft circle inspection;


3、Automation and Intelligence: Combining image processing and machine vision technology, it realizes the automation and intelligence of inspection.



POMEAS telecentric lenses have a wide range of application prospects and significant advantages in shaft circle size inspection systems. With the continuous development of industrial automation and intelligence, telecentric lenses will be applied in more fields, bringing more efficient and accurate inspection means for industrial production. At the same time, POMEAS will continue to overcome the technical challenges and optimize the performance and design of telecentric lenses to meet the ever-changing market demands and industrial applications.

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