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Image measurement technology is an indispensable part of today's industrial production and scientific research, which realizes the accurate measurement of object size, shape, position and other parameters through optical imaging and image processing technology. In the image measurement program, the composition of the optical device is critical, they directly affect the imaging quality and measurement accuracy.



The optics in an image measurement solution consist of the following main components:


Light source: The light source is a key component of the image measurement system, which provides the illumination conditions required for the measurement. The selection of the light source should be based on the characteristics of the measurement object and the measurement needs, such as color, brightness and uniformity. Commonly used types of light sources include halogen lamps, LED lamps, lasers, etc.


Lens: Lens is the core component of optical imaging, which is responsible for imaging the object on the image sensor. Lens selection should consider its focal length, aperture, resolution and other parameters to ensure imaging quality and measurement accuracy. In addition, the lens should also have anti-aberration, anti-color aberration and other properties to reduce measurement errors.



Image Sensors: Image sensors are key devices in image measurement systems that convert optical images into electrical signals for subsequent processing and analysis. Common types of image sensors include CCD and CMOS, which are characterized by high resolution, high sensitivity, low noise, etc. and are suitable for various image measurement scenarios.

Filters: Filters are used to adjust the spectral distribution of the light source, eliminate unnecessary stray light, and improve imaging contrast. In image measurement, the choice of filters should be based on the spectral characteristics of the measurement object and the measurement needs to determine.

Diaphragm: The diaphragm is used to limit the size and shape of the light beam, eliminate stray light interference and improve imaging quality. In image measurement, the setting of diaphragm should be adjusted according to the aperture of the lens and measurement needs.


Image measurement solutions can achieve accurate measurement of object size, shape, position and other parameters through the proper selection and optimization of optical components such as light sources, lenses, image sensors, filters and diaphragms. POMEAS, as a comprehensive industrial automation product supplier, has been committed to providing high-precision and high-efficiency vision components and system solutions to customers around the world since its establishment in 2010.

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