Image Measurement Solutions Measurement of Metal Shells Application Examples




With the rapid development of modern industry, metal shells, as an important part of various equipments and products, are subject to increasingly stringent requirements for accuracy and quality. Image measurement solutions, with their high efficiency and accuracy, have become an important tool for the measurement of metal housings.



Measurement needs:


The smooth and highly reflective surface of the metal shell requires precise measurements of several dimensional and shape parameters of the shell.


Program Description:


The image measurement solution captures the image of the metal shell with a high-resolution camera, and utilizes advanced image processing algorithms to extract and match the feature points in the image, thus realizing the accurate measurement of the metal shell dimensions. The solution has the advantages of non-contact, high efficiency and high accuracy, and is especially suitable for the measurement of complex shaped workpieces such as metal shells.


The solution adopts a professional image measurement system to ensure that the complete image of the metal shell can be captured through the reasonable arrangement of cameras and light sources. Meanwhile, we also optimize the image processing algorithm for the problem of smooth and reflective surface of metal shell, which improves the stability and accuracy of measurement.



Program Strengths:


Fast measurement speed: compared with the traditional measurement method, the measurement efficiency is increased several times.


High measurement accuracy: meets the enterprise's demand for high-precision measurement of metal shells.


Non-contact measurement: Due to the use of non-contact measurement, it avoids the problems of scratches and indentations that may occur in traditional measurement, and protects the surface quality of metal shells.


Flexibility and Expandability: By changing different lens and light source configurations, it can be adapted to the measurement needs of metal shells of different sizes, shapes and materials.


Data-oriented: The measurement software also supports customized measurement procedures and report output, which facilitates data analysis and quality management for enterprises.

The great potential and advantages of image measurement solutions as an efficient and accurate measurement method in metal shell measurement have a wide range of application prospects in its industry. With the continuous development and improvement of the technology, it is believed that image measurement technology will bring more opportunities and challenges to the development of modern manufacturing industry.

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