A minute to take you to understand, what is a coaxial zoom lens?




Coaxial zoom lens is a kind of lens that realizes large field of view observation by changing the optical magnification. It is mainly used for digital imaging observation, inspection and measurement in electronic equipment, semiconductor, LCD, LED and other fields.



Optical principle of coaxial zoom lens:


Coaxial zoom lens is a special lens design, its working principle is to change the focal length of the lens, so as to realize the continuous zoom observation of the target object. This design allows the lens to maintain the clarity of the object image at the same time, to achieve fast and accurate measurement of the size of the object. And coaxial zoom lens illumination is usually coaxial illumination, that is, the light source and the lens axis coincide, so that the incident light irradiation distribution is more uniform, effectively avoiding the shadows and reflections, thus ensuring the accuracy of the observation.



Advantages of coaxial zoom lens:


Coaxial zoom lens has a higher zoom range and precision. By precisely adjusting the focal length of the lens, clear observation and measurement of objects of different sizes can be realized, meeting the needs of different application scenarios. Secondly, the illumination method of the coaxial zoom lens makes the observation result more accurate. Due to the uniform distribution of incident light, the impact of shadows and reflections on the observation results can be effectively avoided. In addition, the coaxial zoom lens is usually equipped with an electric control system, which can realize high-speed and high-precision zoom and positioning, greatly improving work efficiency and accuracy.


Applications of coaxial zoom lenses:



Industrial Inspection: Coaxial zoom lens is widely used in precision measurement and quality control. Its high precision and continuous zoom characteristics can accurately measure various complex workpieces to ensure product quality is up to standard.

Automation: Coaxial zoom lenses can be used in machine vision systems to realize rapid identification and positioning of target objects and improve the automation of production lines.

Electronic communications and semiconductors: The high resolution and zoom capability of coaxial zoom lenses enable engineers to clearly observe tiny electronic components and circuit structures, providing strong support for R&D and production.

Biomedical and scientific research: Coaxial zoom lenses provide clearer and more accurate images when observing cell and tissue structures under the microscope, providing accurate data for experimenters.



POMEAS as a leading manufacturer of optical instruments in China, has been committed to the research and development and production of coaxial zoom lenses, through continuous technological innovation and process optimization, and developed a variety of coaxial zoom lenses with high performance and stability, to meet the application needs of different industries.

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